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New beginnings!
I had my previous LJ account "agsux" since July 19th 2000.
2,800+ entries, 7,700+ comments recieved, 11,200+ comments posted.
I was 14 years old then.

Three cheers to not being a whiny immature ignorant [goth-tastic] 14 year old!

The point of this journal is solely to keep track of my friends, and so I can delete my old journal. New beginnings!

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out with the old and in with the new eh....well, I'm glad you wanted me in on the voyage. :)

like you don't whine about your itchy grundle all day long

hey! add me to your friends list so i can read your journal prease!

Yeah, I feel the same way.
I've had my journal since I was 15.
I was so intolerable then.
Why didn't anyone tell me? Geez.

yeah.. not only was i 'intolerable' but i was also updating 3-6 times A DAY hahaha

you can't delete your old one! you'll want it at some point to look back on, won't you? this is my third journal on here since 2002 and every so often i look back at my old journals and realize how stupid i was. you'll want that for yourself, too. :p

i've thought about that.. but everything i read while attempting to make my whole journal private really just embarassed me. i was seriously SO immature and ignorant it was painful to read hahaha

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